Guide to Cash for Houses in Lubbock, TX

Moving is stressful, especially for those who need to sell their house. It takes finesse to list a house on the market. One must hire a Realtor, time their sale perfectly, and plan for potential buyers to tour the house. Those who are trying to sell their house quickly may find the process daunting.

Fortunately, there is another option for these sellers. Companies like Gem Homes of Lubbock offer to buy houses for cash, giving sellers a chance to get the house off their hands quickly and for a reasonable price. Read on for more information on selling a home for cash.

How to Sell a Home for Cash

Getting cash for a house may seem out of reach, but the process is relatively simple. First, it’s important to know that that it is illegal to sell a home for physical cash. Instead, cash buyers are considered those who buy a home without any financing. To close the sale, funds are transferred electronically or by a cashier’s check.

After visiting the home, the cash buyers make an offer. If the seller accepts the offer, they can move on to closing. The cash buyers typically cover the cost of closing. Once this is complete, the sale is finished.

Why Sell a Home for Cash

There are many benefits to selling a home for cash, including the following:

  • Sales Rarely Fall Through
  • When someone sells a house through traditional means, there is a significant chance the transaction will fall through. Buyers often seem like they are interested in a house, but wind up running into snags somewhere during the lengthy sales process. They may have their loan application denied, or they may decide they like another home more. This can leave a house seller feeling frustrated.

    However, when someone sells their house for cash, there are far fewer chances for it to fail. There is no need to wait on a mortgage loan for the buyer. Once the buyer and seller agree on a price, the paperwork is the only thing left to do.

  • It Takes Much Less Time
  • Selling a house for cash takes far less time than traditional methods. As stated above, once the buyer makes an offer that the seller finds agreeable, they can fill out the necessary paperwork and transfer the funds. The process can take as little as a week, depending on how complicated the details in the paperwork may be.

  • The Home Can be Sold As-Is
  • Selling a house through conventional means usually takes a lot of repair work. Sellers must fix anything glaringly wrong with the house, in addition to making any minor cosmetic fixes that will take away from the home’s appeal. Cash buyers often buy a house as-is, especially if they are investors looking to flip the house for a profit. Forgoing the repair work to list the house saves sellers thousands of dollars and a lot of valuable time.

  • It Can Help with Foreclosure
  • Having one’s home foreclosed on takes a significant toll on their credit. According to FICO, a foreclosed home can drop one’s credit score from 85 to 160 points depending on their original score. A foreclosure also stays on one’s credit for seven years.

    When homeowners face foreclosure, getting cash for their house is an ideal solution. Not only do homeowners avoid the damaging effects of foreclosure, but they can relieve the stress of their debt fast.

Why Do People Buy Houses for Cash?

There are a few different types of people or organizations that buy houses for cash, including the following.

  • Rental Investors
  • Rental investors buy houses to rent them out over a long period. These investors use their rental properties to make passive income, and it has made many of them very wealthy.

  • House Flippers
  • House flippers buy properties that need a lot of repairs or renovations. Once they fix the houses enough that they can be listed on the market, they sell the home for a profit.

  • High-Volume Buyers
  • High-volume house buyers typically buy houses that are already in good condition. Since they can’t make as much profit on one house as house flippers do, they rely on buying and selling many homes at once.

Selling a House for Cash is Fast and Efficient

Selling a house for cash is both the fastest and most efficient way to sell. Individuals can look for highly reputable companies like Gem Homes to get the best price for their house. Don’t hesitate. Contact Gem Homes now to get a cash offer today.