Will House Buyers Help Me Sell My House Fast?

There’s a good reason that homeowners ask themselves, “Will house buyers help me sell my house fast?” As of the end of 2019, it took more than two months, on average, for Lubbock, Texas, homes listed on Zillow to find a buyer. It often takes another couple of months to close a sale after accepting an offer.

Lubbock is known for being the hub of the Texas Panhandle, but the local real estate market is simply not as favorable for sellers as in certain other parts of the state. While the situation has improved significantly since the last recession, homeowners in Lubbock are not always eager or prepared to wait so long when the time comes to sell. Expert house buyers at Gem Homes are ready to greatly speed up the process so you can sell your house quickly.

Gem Homes Removes the Headaches of Selling a House Quickly

The traditional home-selling system is designed to move methodically, and it does not necessarily prioritize the interests of owners who want to sell a house fast. While there are ostensible reasons for the various roadblocks and delays that are built in, these often seem outdated and irrelevant to homeowners in Lubbock.

The experienced home buyers at Gem Homes have streamlined things to the point that sales can be closed in as little as a week. The Gem Homes approach to house buying is far better suited to any owner who wants to sell their house fast. At the same time, some homeowners in Lubbock find that selling to Gem Homes leaves them better off financially than if they use a traditional listing.

That means working with a Gem Homes buyer makes more sense for many Lubbock homeowners. Selling houses to Gem Homes does away with all the usual headaches because it involves:

  • One showing. Listing a home with a real estate agency often means facing many showings thereafter. It often takes months for a home in Lubbock that gets marketed in traditional fashion to spark an acceptable offer. Selling to Gem Homes means that only one showing will be required for a fair cash offer to be extended. That alone can cut the time it takes to sell a home greatly and do away with many hassles in the process.
  • No agents or commissions. When you sell to Gem Homes you can save the typical 6 percent commission that is paid to the real estate agents that assist in selling your home. Depending on the value of your house, this can be a significant savings. Also, Realtors can have more difficulty helping you sell your home fast because there are a number of variables in the process that are outside of their control. A few examples are: [1] Most buyers are represented by another real estate agent and it can take time for that agent to show your house to their buyer [2] Once you get an acceptable offer, the buyer will usually have to financing which can delay the closing or even terminate the closing if the buyer is not able to get the financing. Because of these reasons and more, selling to Gem Homes could be a great option for some sellers.
  • No appraisals. Even once offers have been accepted, home sales in Lubbock are normally contingent upon the results of appraisals. Appraisals introduce delays of their own, on top of the associated uncertainty. Experts at Gem Homes assess houses in a single visit and extend cash offers. This speeds up the process of selling significantly and does away with a common source of frustration.
  • No repairs needed. Many homeowners in Lubbock are told that they will need to pay for repairs before a sale can be arranged. Gem Homes buys houses that need attention and pays generous amounts of cash for them. Not needing to wait for repairs to be completed will always make it possible to sell houses quickly. It also means homeowners won’t need to put up the money required for the work.
  • Your choice of closing date. Closing dates traditionally get worked out via negotiation among several involved parties. When selling a house to Gem Homes, you are in the driver’s seat and can have your sale finalized whenever you wish. That can mean being able to complete the sale of a home in as little as seven days, something that would be inconceivable with a conventional listing.
  • A fair cash offer. Gem Homes is in the business of buying houses and has plenty of capital ready to put to work. When you receive an offer from Gem Homes, you can be confident that the cash will quickly be forthcoming if you accept it. You won’t need to hold on to your home for months, making mortgage payments and keeping up with other bills all the while. You’ll never need to worry about whether a buyer will qualify for financing or wait for a loan application to be approved.

We’ll Buy Your House Fast for Cash

Lubbock is a great place to live, and the city has a bright future before it. At one recent conference, Texas State Technical College economist Richard Froeschle praised the local economy for being so “strong, steady, and self-reliant”(1).

Homeowners who opt for conventional listings quite often find the process of selling overly slow, troublesome, and costly. If you’re wondering if the experienced and reliable house buyers at Gem Homes can sell my house fast, we make sense for many who live in Lubbock. Gem Homes helps the process of selling your house fast and gives homeowners more control over it, as well.

The streamlined, simplified Gem Homes process also makes more financial sense when you wonder how to sell your home quickly than a traditional listing in a great many cases. Time is money, after all, and homeowners who work with Gem Homes end up wasting a lot less of both, since things can move so fast.

Contact us now to discover how easy it can be to sell a home in Lubbock quickly. We’ll make a fair cash offer after seeing your house, and you can even choose the closing date.


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